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Did Trump Form A Panel To Investigate The Elections? Space Force, Why Is Trump 5 ...

X22 Report 25 Sep 2023
Yes, Trump has turned the NSA’s collection system that has been used by the Deep State (as the world learned from Edward Snowden) against them ... The Deep State Patriots and MI Patriots who have been grooming him for years, since they knew he was interested in the possibility.

Is World War III About to Start? Part I: Drift Toward War

Scheerpost 24 Sep 2023
It was Casey who famously said at one of Reagan’s early staff meetings, “We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believes is false.” This statement defined perfectly the future program of what we call today the “Deep State” and its ...

Inside the Fight to Save the Federal Government

The Atlantic 24 Sep 2023
If you fear the deep state, history explains why ] “You’ve got to be able to ensure that those actors are no longer empowered,” Vought said, “unless they truly are going to serve the policy agenda of the president that gets elected by the American people.” Fauci’s status as a ...

General Mark Milley – A Threat to the Nation?

Armstrong Economics 24 Sep 2023
https.// Outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley is a Neocon ... It was the first time any head of state ever impressed me ... He asked why we were there ... They are fed the BS mixed in the Deep State cauldrons and are never allowed to know the truth ... PS.

Michigan GOP leader tells critics to “pound sand” amid pleas for unity at Mackinac

Michigan Live 24 Sep 2023
This weekend, instead, was largely a gathering of Karamo’s steadfast supporters within the state party, there for a speaker lineup that closely reflected her worldview ... The next day, a plane was flying over the Grand Hotel, reportedly sponsored by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, towing a banner that read “Mike Rogers (R-Deep State.)”.

Insider: RNC signs off on Michigan GOP's presidential primary plan

Detroit news 24 Sep 2023
Steele said he expected the Michigan GOP's state committee to OK the final details of the plan for the presidential primary on Sunday afternoon ... State Rep ... State Rep ... The committee sponsored a plane that flew over Mackinac Island during the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference with a banner that said "MIKE ROGERS (R-DEEP STATE).".

Xi, Assad Launch China-Syria Strategic Partnership Based On Belt & Road Initiative

The Liberty Beacon 23 Sep 2023
As Alex Christoforou reminds us in a tweet below, the deep state, neocon West had spent years trying to get Assad out ... 🇸🇾🇨🇳 A highly significant joint statement by China and Syria following the meeting between Xi and Assad sends a message to Turkey, the United States, and Israel.

Cassidy Hutchinson says Mark Meadows burned so many documents before leaving the White House that ...

Business Insider 23 Sep 2023
Cassidy Hutchinson. AP Photo/J ... The ex-Meadows aide said that staffer feared "deep state" interception when it came to document disposal ... The former GOP aide told The Times that Meadows and other staffers feared that individuals from the "deep state" could potentially swoop in and find the documents they were disposing of ... ....

Does the US prosecute more Republicans or Democrats? Here’s some data

CNN 23 Sep 2023
What’s not included here Local prosecutions – like the state or local cases against former Rep ... Trump charges Trump likes to argue he’s the subject of a conspiratorial “witch hunt” engineered by a deep state.

Biden sets a trap for any Republican who succeeds him in the presidency

Fox News 22 Sep 2023
Why bother to vote if the left-leaning deep state stays in charge no matter who wins the presidency? GOP candidates Donald Trump , Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis are vowing to conquer this obstructionism ... Bravo to the GOP candidates pledging to take on the deep state -- replete with deadbeats and lefties -- and return government to the people.

Ray Epps Charged

Armstrong Economics 21 Sep 2023
It was a success as they painted Trump supporters as domestic terrorists and continue to demonize the “MAGA extremists.” Countless reports have surfaced about a man by the name of Ray Epps who is believed to be installed by the Deep State to instigate the entire Capitol breech.

Pennsylvania Senate takes step to move 2024 primary up one month to March

York Daily Record 21 Sep 2023
HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania's state Senate approved a bill Wednesday to move up the state's 2024 primary election by five weeks to March 19, aiming to avoid a conflict with the Jewish holiday of Passover and give voters more of a say in deciding presidential nominees ... a dozen deep.

Vivek Ramaswamy, his fake World Economic Forum lawsuit-settlement, and full details of the big pharma ...

The Covid Blog 21 Sep 2023
Conservatives continue their fallacious crusades against mRNA injections and the so-called “deep state” despite worshiping the progenitors thereof ... Further, if this blogger is the first one to notice that there is no WEF lawsuit filed in Cincinnati, then that just shows the pathetic state of U.S.

The Patriot

The Atlantic 21 Sep 2023
At a rally in Florida that month, Trump boasted , “I stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state.” The president’s intervention included a decision that Gallagher should be allowed to keep his Trident insignia, which is worn by all SEALs in good standing.

Pa. Senate votes to move 2024 presidential primary, partly to have a say on nominees

Penn Live 20 Sep 2023
(AP) — Pennsylvania’s state Senate approved a bill Wednesday to move up the state’s 2024 primary election by five weeks to March 19, aiming to avoid a conflict with the Jewish holiday of Passover and give voters more of a say in deciding presidential nominees ... about a dozen deep.

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